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Create & distribute your online survey for free!

Are you writing your dissertation or doing an internship? At thesistools.com students can create an online survey for free.
General information
    The process to create your online survey is simple, straightforward and free of charge. And afterwards you have your data ready for statistical analysis in MS Excel or SPSS.
    What are the charges? It is free... Well, almost. A standard questionnaire does not need to cost you any money. You will have up to 500 respondents that can complete your survey free of charge. Still you could do us a favour and publish your survey results on our website. (Usually this is a short summary in combination with a MS Word or PDF file of your report. Handing in a study report is not obliged, but we (and your respondents) very much appreciate it. But we also do understand you can have plausible reasons not to publish a study report online.
Frequently Asked Questions
    There is no limit to the number of people that can complete your questionnaire. Instead we work with a time limit. Generally a survey is online for 3 months. Afterwards we tend to clean up our databases. It is possible to extend a survey.
    We consider the results of a questionnaire as proprietary of the user. ThesisTools does not use these data, does not publish it, does not analyse them, nor do we provide the data to any third party. All results are exclusively available for you. The only exception is that we store the data in our database and back-ups of the database, exclusively in order to have the website function properly.
    Yes, this is definitely possible. After you have published your survey you will receive a link (url/internet address). This link you can copy in an email.

    You are the only person who is informed on this address, it will not be published anywhere. It would be very coincidental when people by accident would complete your survey. When you would like to distribute your survey, via e.g. our mailinglist, then you need to do so explicitely. Normally we expect you to invite your own target population.
    Yes, you can always modify a questionnaire. Please mind you have to re-publish your survey, to make the modifications visible online!

    When you re-publish a questionnaire, a new version is created. All new results will be saved in this version. Therefore all results before the modification are saved in a seperate file. This way you always exactly know by whom was the particular version completed.
    No, we are not going to send dozens or hunderds of emails. All results are saved in our database and you can download the results from the website. Your results are available in a single file, but you will be able to see how a particular respondent filled in every single question.
    No, it is not an obligation. It is voluntary. We appreciate when you submit your report. Not only as an example to other students, but also to inform respondents on the results of the questionnaire they did complete.
    As part of the extra services, you can set up a subdomain for your questionnaire. This is free of charge. You can also register a private webdomain. You will get an own .com or .net address. The latter option comes with a charge for registering the domain. Also this service can be found under the extra services.
    You can set up this in the extra services section. This is free of charge.
    ThesisTools is foremost a survey and data gathering tool. The analysis of the final results is most often a next step in your study. In order not to be overwhelmed by all kinds of questions about statistics, which are only loosely related to thesistools.com we have decided not to answer any.
    A premium survey offers you a possiblity of a questionnaire without any advertisements. Furthermore with the standard questionnaire, references are made to thesistools.com. All of these will dissapear with a premium questionnaire.
    You can achieve this with the option routing. You will notice this option while composing a survey. Important is that routing functions on a page to page basis. That means you can set up routing with any question on a page, however visitors will be able to complete the whole page, prior to the routing taking effect. The routing will be called upon once the visitor clicks to the next page. By means of routing, you can re-direct one group of visitors at page 1 to for example page 2 and another group to page 3. At page 2 you can again include a routing-option, in order ot prevent this group from continuing regularly to page 3, but directly continue at page 4.
    Technically there is a wide array of options. We have developed the survey-tool to be as intuative as possible. In that process some infrequently used options are excluded. When your survey has some special characteristics, or you need certain additional functionalities, please contact us. Quite often the sky will be the limit...!
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Preferably contact us in English of Dutch!

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